Star Mesa

David Lambert

Our reputation is built upon successful projects and satisfied clients with schedules and budgets taken very seriously. No one likes surprises during a project and our highly experienced personnel (averaging over 20 years of Aspen  construction) excel at anticipating potential problems before they have a chance to appear.

What sets us apart from the rest is our attention to detail and David’s personal attention to every project from small remodels with simple finishes to extensive high-end projects.

We have developed a high level of respect from the building professionals in our community including architects, engineers, interior designers, subcontractors and vendors. Great emphasis is placed on developing and maintaining good working relationships with the individuals and governmental entities who regulate the planning and building process in the upper Roaring Fork Valley. Our goal is to bring the professional feel of a well-run team effort to all our projects.

Some Previous Projects

1973 Rosen Residence1974 Lambert Residence
Haun remodel / addition
1975 Hernstadt Residence
1976 Lambert Residence
1977 Holland Hills spec home
1978 571 Booth Lane Caretaker / Shop
Seigle Residence
1979 Hernstadt Residence
Shushan remodel
Ochs Residence
1981 Pitkin County Office assessor office
Klein Office
Fergus remodel
1982 Ferguson Residence
Ferguson Spec House
1983 Hample Residence
1984 North St Spec house
1985 Epply Drive Starwood spec home
1986 Klein Residence
1987 Saltonstall Residence
Hockaday Residence
1988 Kehrl Residence
1989 Saltonalstall Residence Aspen Club
Robinson addition
1990 Klein spec townhouses
1991 Cher addition / renovation
1992 West Residence
Lambert Residence Basalt
1993 Historical renovation Tasmania
1994 Historical home Kingston Beach, Tasmania
1995 Willoughby Way addition
1996 Red Mountain Residence
Bedell Residence
1997 Golden addition / renovation
Mascott Residence renovation / addition
Bellock Residence
1998 Nevin Residence
Gitlitz Residence
Pines spec home
Wiloughby Way addition / remodel1999
Erwin addition / remodel
White remodel
Copaken addition / renovation

Repeat Clients: 16

Nevin Residence
Hire-Jones Residence
Joy remodel
Frantz Cabin – renovation / addition
to historical cabin Star Ranch
Rabinow Residence
Wexler Residence
2001 Frantz addition / ponds Star Ranch
Gracie’s Cabin Residence
Ayers remodel
2002 Brown Bear spec home
Werner Residence addition / renovation
Black Bear spec home
2003 Pearlstone Residence
Hosier Caretaker + garage
Ayers addition
Aspen Highlands Residence
Kallenberg addition/renovation
2004 Lind remodel
2005 Moszynski Residence
Carlson Residence
Wild Cat Residence
Burtzloff addition
2006 Seidman remodel
Wild Cat Caretaker addition
Five Trees Residence
2007 Lupine Drive spec home
Powers Residence / renovation
West Buttermilk Residence
Berglund addition / renovation
2008 Star Mesa Residence
Gregory addition
Key renovation
2009 Wild Cat guest house
Five Trees Pool / Spa addition
Aspen Street renovation
2010 Cunniffe Residence
River House Residence
2011 Caine Residence
2012 Silverman Residence
2013 Hite Residence
Blakemore Residence